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Product Description
T Type Tooth Neoprene timing belts:
The extra highly flexible neoprene backing provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance, important if power is transmitted from the back of the belt. Backing also guards the tensile cords against oil, grease, dirt and moisture. These belts constructed with fiberglas tensile cords which quarantee diemensional stability to eliminate take up adjustments. Teeths are formed nicely and correctly, oil and heat resistant neoprene teeth have a shear resistance equal to the tensile strength of the belt. Tooth design and tight manufacturing tolerances provide a constant circular pitch to assure full surface contact between belt and pulley for good running charecteristics.

HDT Kevlar® Belts for Longer Belt Life

With increased tenacity and strength, Kevlar® can help improve belt life by 60% and reduce manufacturing costs.



In independent testing by belt manufacturing companies, Kevlar® belts made with Kevlar® showed a 60%

improvement in belt life over the standard Kevlar® product, with a 15% reduction in cord content in the belt.

This significantly longer belt life is made possible by the increased tenacity and strength of Kevlar® K29 AP.

Because this longer belt life can be achieved with a reduction in cord content, belt manufacturers can reduce

costs, while creating a more robust product.

Our Kevlar belts are made with high-strength Kevlar® cords for heavy duty applications.
Kevlar® corded belts, also called Aramid or extra-heavy duty belts.
Kevlar® is the same material bulletproof vests are constructed with.
Kevlar® belts are ideal for any mower, tiller, snow blower, leaf blower or other type of small engine equipment.