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Conventional Wrapped V-Belts (Z, M, K, A-13, B-17, C-22, D-32, E-40)



Product Description;


Wear resistant cover fabric, Low-stretch tension member, Specially developed high grade elastomers, High performance, Long service life, Uniform belt geometry, High flexibility, Suitable for flat belt transmission, Maximum economy, Temp. Resistance from -35C to, +70C, Limited oil resistance, Antistatic, Tolerance stable, Match sets without sorting. Recomended for all general purpose drives with higher horsepower ratings. Conventional V-Belts are measured on the inside diameter (Example A91=91" inside lenght, =93" outside lenght

Classical profile V-belt,

Premium-rated for heavy duty, industrial applications, this versatile belt can power nearly every drive in your plant. • Oil and heat resistant • Static conducting• Smoother running Unicord branded belts in B section 120” – 200” and C section belts with tighter tolerances and reduced center distance variations• Multicord construction standard for D and E sections • Special order Kevlar cord construction for difficult drives requiring extra strength and heavy shock loads. • A and B section belts up to 100” are dual branded with the corresponding FHP size.  Convert an ‘A’ section to a 4L by adding 2 and putting a zero at the end. (A60→4L620).  Convert a ‘B’ section to a 5L by adding 3 and putting a zero at the end. (B060→5L630)